PS4 Dynamic Themes

Winsome Winter Cabin Theme

Micro City Planet Theme

Broken Theme

Mountain Lake Theme

Jellyfish Theme

Cyber World Theme

Calming Waterfall Theme

Sunset City Theme

Nightmares Unhinged Theme

Bucket Bunny Theme

Aurora Borealis Theme

Arctic Torrent

Serenity Creek

16 thoughts on “PS4 Dynamic Themes

  1. Rye

    I own all but two.Enjoy them very much.My opinion most interesting themes available.Just a thought how bout something bushcraft out in the cold north with windy conditions?Thx for worthwhile themes keep up the great work Killbot.

    1. Mike McKibben Post author

      That sounds good man. We’re all fans of the wild outdoors ourselves. And winter landscapes are great. We’ll shoot your idea around and see what we can do. It might be a while, but I’ll respond to this thread if we manage to get something going. Thanks Rye!

  2. Liquid715

    Good stuff!! I have been looking for quality Dynamic PS4 themes. I bought all 3 nature ones, my favorite is the Aurora. Good touch with the music!! 🙂

  3. Stuart

    Hi there
    Why is there none of these cool themes on the eu/uk store?
    They would sell like hot cakes

  4. Sabine

    Just purchased the Arctic and the sunset themes, last night. Adore the Arctic one, I wish you can come out with a dark forest or a snowy~ Norwegian scene someday <3

  5. Mike McKibben Post author

    I’ll add it to the list! We’ve got a request in for a Wintery theme that we’re currently working on. After that we’ll do a nice forest / landscape piece of Norway. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Mike McKibben Post author

      (Desculpe eu tenho que usar o Google para traduzir) Uma exploração agrícola pitoresca com um par de crianças brincando? Parece bom! Nós vamos adicioná-lo à lista. Há 3 sugestões antes de vocês e vários outros temas que devemos fazer. Mas vamos criá-lo.

  6. Josh

    I’ve been very impressed with your themes, it’s refreshing to see some high quality ones for once since I usually see low fps and low resolution dynamic themes. I really like Serenity Creek and I just got Calming Waterfall today. If I could request one, since I’m a big fan of rain and rainstorms in general, would it be possible for you to do one with that theme in mind? Something like a rainy day in a city at night, or a rainy day in a forest or something would be amazing.

  7. Mitzi

    I just bought the Jellyfish dynamic theme today and I’m really enjoying it. I love the music and the background. I love that the jellyfish change colors, It goes well with me LED color globe in my bedroom. The only suggestion I’d make for this theme is I would have loved to see some jellyfish icons but other than that I love it and I like the rest of the themes you have. Good job and keep up the great work~! ^-^

  8. Brett

    You guys have made the BEST nature dynamic themes available ! The low quality ‘Smobile’ themes have flooded the market unfortunately. Please, please keep up the great work!


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